Bike Trips

I am mildly obsessed with travelling by bike. It started six years ago, when I went on a first bike trip, from Passau to Budapest (Eurovelo 6, for those who know what’s up).  The beauty of travelling by bike is that you get to experience the travel part first hand. It’s not about the destination, they say. Well, it really is true in that case.

You also discover places that are a bit out of the way, that you’d probably never would have visited otherwise, like the beautiful Niagara whirlpool. I never even knew it existed before I saw it – and I had been to the falls three times!


I realised earlier this year that this is something I really love to do that I don’t do enough. It’s low key, it’s an adventure, it’s fun, it feels good and it always makes for great memories. And of course, if you do it right, it’s an incredibly sustainable way to travel! So I made travelling by bike more of a priority, and that’s where I plan to go this summer.


Sellin, Rügen Island – Look at the Strandkörbe (“beach baskets”)!

I may have gotten the idea for this trip from a travel pamphlet aimed at 60-something British tourists… It looks pretty easy, touristy, and nice, and I just hope we won’t have to resort to sleeping under the stars for lack of Couchsurfing opportunities (although put this way, it doesn’t sound so bad). Fun fact: I have read that people in Hiddensee believe putting bathing suits on means you are trying to draw attention on yourself. Apparently, there, swimming in the nude is the modest thing to do. Interesting.


Copenhagen harbour

This one is still in the works, but I sure hope it will happen. I have never been to Denmark, and I am looking forward to pickled herring (that’s pretty much the extent of my knowledge of Denmark – I definitely need to go). What else is Denmark famous for? The little mermaid? I need your lights.


But once again, it’s more about the journey. Although I can’t wait to eat the herrings and swim naked to fit in.

Bike Trips

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