Free the clothes

I thought I’d share a few things that I noticed since I haven’t bought any new clothes (my experiment officially started in June I believe, but I did buy a few basics and a pair of shoes in October on Everlane).

More quality time for me and my loved ones

As I have mentioned before, the experiment so far is not nearly as hard as I imagined it would be. I assumed I would miss shopping (which I truly do not), but that I would also miss out on opportunities to have fun with my friends and family. Really, this hasn’t been an issue at all – since I don’t feel the need to shop, I either join them on their shopping trips, and just enjoy spending time with them, or just find other activities to do with them. Actually, it’s been pretty beneficial, as I spend less time looking at clothes for me, and more listening to them or trying to help them find what they are looking for – in any case, it’s time better spent.

Stylish surprises

I actually enjoy the variety of alternatives to shopping I have been able to find. I am now having a lot of fun thrifting. I enjoy it most when I have no expectations, and when I stay open to what I am finding. Obviously, I cannot go into a second-hand store with a very clear picture of what I want to find, and I am sure it can sometimes get frustrating when a specific item is needed. But it also has it perks: I found some awesome clothes that I did not even know I wanted, and I have a feeling I am less likely to try to follow trends, and on the opposite, more eager to define and explore my own tastes and style. This is a major bonus!

Good karma & fun discoveries

I have also had a lot of fun at clothing swaps. Not only does it feel good getting new clothes for free, but I also love the idea that the garments I am not using will have another chance to be worn. I recently came accross this project, and although it’s still in its early stages, it’s really cool.

Honestly, I see it becoming less of an experiment and more of a way of life. It feels so easy! Now I’d like to focus on ways to find underwear that don’t involve buying new ones (or used ones…). Next up, shoes. I welcome any ideas!






Free the clothes

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