Money Nitty-Gritty

This was actually fun for me. See, weirdly, I like money. Like, I like budgeting. I like having saving goals, and counting coins and sorting them and making rolls to take them to the bank. Unfortunately, because I like money, I always spend all my change and therefore, I have to count other people’s coins and roll up other people’s money. Which is actually fine by me. I just wish I had more coins lying around for me to count and roll up.

Yes, this is a trait of my personality that people usually find funny. I guess you could call it a quirk. But that makes figuring out the financial part of my experiment/major lifestyle change important (and super fun) to me.

Before I went over how much I have spent in clothes in the last twelve months, I took a minute to think and estimate how much I thought I had spent. I did not remember every shopping spree, but I did remember how I had felt in my clothes all year-long: cheap, and precarious.

First, I don’t have many clothes.

Second, and most importantly, I don’t feel comfortable or confident in them: the ones that I love are getting old and (I am ashamed to admit it) are even sometimes stained or have holes in them. I don’t throw them out because I love them, and I can’t find better clothes out there. The ones that I buy to try to renew my wardrobe are usually cheaper, ill-fitting versions of what I wish I could wear everyday, in neutral colours so people won’t notice that they are ugly. Getting dressed every morning is an ordeal, as I rarely feel pleasure wearing an outfit, or get to play around with different combinations.

Based on this, I estimated that I had spent around $400 on clothing over the year. That sounded about right for what I had gotten from it.

Guess what? I was super wrong. I spent more than twice that: $933.58. I reckon it’s still not very much. I probably spend very little compared to the rest of 20-something middle-class girls. But it’s still too much for what I get.

My goal: Spend more if needed, or at least that much. But on better quality, on clothes that I am happy to wear, on T-shirts I can buy guilt-free.

That’s my next mission: find meaningful ways to invest in my clothing, and make shopping a strategic, yet fun activity.

Money Nitty-Gritty

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