Hey There!

This blog is to document the challenge I decided to take on: not buying a single piece of new clothing for a full year. I have already started (I believe the last thing I bought was in May) but for the sake of the story I am going to declare that the official start date is today, June 27, 2015.

Here’s why I decided to do that: I feel guilty. Because I am aware enough of where my clothes come from, how they have been made, and in what conditions. And especially because I often decide to ignore all that and to go ahead and buy an overpriced, ill-fitted polyester dress.

So I decided not to ignore that feeling of inadequacy between my beliefs and my lifestyle anymore, even if it means a lot of browsing in second-hand stores (I’ll probably talk a lot about that, but part of the challenge is that I hate browsing in second-hand stores).

The basic rules: 

– No new clothes, except if they fit my ethical standards (let’s define that soon)

Bonus points for applying that to:

– underwear

– shoes

– specialized clothing (let’s say swimwear and rock climbing gear, not that I would ever go rock climbing)

The goals:

  • Find beautiful, durable garments that fit my style and my lifestyle
  • Spend less than usual (more about this to come) on clothing
  • Get more educated about clothes manufacturing and its social, economic, and environmental impact
  • Become a more conscious consumer (i.e. stop feeling the guilt)

I already see tons of challenges (I guess that’s the point of a challenge), amongst which: I have hardly ever bought used clothing in my life, I already own very little clothes compared to regular people, and I will really need more underwear soon. It’s going to be fun!

Also, in case you’re wondering, it reads “That’s Just a Start”, and not “That’s Just as Tart” 🙂 (and yes, I have Arrested Development in mind)

Hey There!

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